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We are driven through passion, otherwise what's the point? It doesn't mean we know it all, but it does mean that everything is done with love and inspiration.


Everything is connected, So how we do anything is how we do everything. Every job, big to small matters to us. Sometimes the most crooked trees bear the most beautiful fruit.


Rather than fact, what we know or what we think is best, we have learnt that being open to life assists us. Everyone has a gift, a message to share and we value that. Likewise with transparency and honesty; we're all in this together.


'The Blinds Brothers'

We started some fifteen plus years ago as apprentices, lovers of the craft, eager and emphatically dedicated to learning the tricks of the trade. Two fitters, two brothers, fitting for the wealthy, the famous, in the most prestigious of places in Central London, all over the UK and around the world. We can honestly and humbly say; we have learnt from some of the best.


Fast forwarding to present day, we now provide our services and unique perspective directly to you. Everything we've attained from some of the elite interior designers in the soft furnishings industry, all of our experience and knowledge, our unique passion, love and dedication. We present ourselves to you, here, as a small family run business, created by two brothers and we thank you for your visit.

The Bespoke Blinds Company



To offer more value to our customers we do not have a showroom, but we'll bring the showroom to you!

Whilst we predominantly serve London & many surrounding counties, if you live somewhere else in the UK or overseas; please feel free to ask if we can come to you.

0207 971 1497
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The Bespoke Blinds Company

27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX 

0207 971 1497
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