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Venetian blinds to make a statement and enhance your London home or business.

Those seeking a high class way to finish off a room should consider the humble Venetian blind. Although an idea that dates back as far as the Ancient Persians and beyond, the Venetian blind has such a classic design that it has yet to go out of fashion.

Create a comfortable, alluring atmosphere in any room of your London home or office by hiring our expert installation team. We pride ourselves on a top notch service and a superior knowledge base, so feel free to ask all you need to know before you buy.


A chic & stylish way to let in the perfect amount of light. Diverse & streamlined, our venetian blinds can suit any room, from a bathroom to bedroom, living space to office space. With our range of  materials including natural hand-crafted wood to aluminium slat finishes such as distressed, high gloss and veneer... we've got your windows covered ;)

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Where to Find High Quality Venetian Blinds and Installation in London?

You can find exemplary quality Venetian blind sets through our website. You can book an installation with us, where we can fit blinds that have been tailor made to fit into your windows. Our made to measure service goes beyond the expected service to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

When you choose The Bespoke Blinds Company to install your new Venetian blinds, you can expect a fast, friendly service, where our experts are both knowledgeable and neat. We will not leave behind a mess and your installation will be fuss-free, at a time of your choosing.

We also provide a range of other blinds, shutters, awnings, and even curtains to dress your windows in the style of your choosing. If a Venetian does not suit you, we have something else that will.


Venetians are by far one of the most popular blinds of today and yesterday alike. They have a great price range to suit all budgets and mix style with practicality.

WOOD - the classic venetian blind with premium options

FAUXWOOD- a long lasting modern take

ELECTRIC - motorised venetians for ultimate luxury

WITH TAPES - an elegant finish insead of strings

ALUMINIUM - simple & contemporary with modern colouring

SLATS - 25mm or 50mm with plenty of finishes to choose from

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What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are rumoured to come from Venice, in Italy, although historians suspect the Venetian traders brought the design back from Persia. The Venetian has been a staple for thousands of years, with evidence suggesting that even the Romans used them.

Venetian blinds operate in panels, with a cord on the side of the rail which lifts each panel up. Panels can be one or two, or multiple. A headrail goes along the top of your window to hold the structure. The cords run along the headrail and down into the blinds. When you pull, each panel lifts or descends accordingly. The Venetian blind is a horizontal style of blind. It can provide as much or as little light as needed in a formal, attractive way.




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