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Pleated Blinds in London

Providing superior quality window dressings around the Greater London area.

Although the pleated blind has been a staple throughout the centuries, the modern version is suaver than what we expect. The pleated blind is a play on a similar style to the Venetian blind. It works in a comparable manner and has a similar historical value. However, the pleated blinds of old didn’t come with remote controls or the impressive array of fabrics that we know and love today.

Pleated blinds are a popular choice among the discerning customer who wants total control over the amount of light that gets into their living space. Use pleated blinds in the office to prevent glare on the computer screen, or in the living room to shade out the sun.


This classic, energy saving design, once only for the conservatory now seen all over the house in a whole array of colour & design. The additional honeycomb/cellular structure can save you even more on your bills, keeping you warmer in winter & cooler in summer.




Dimout or Blockout




DIMOUT - maintain privacy whilst letting in light

BLOCKOUT- a fabric which does not allow light to pass

PLEATED - with a zig-zag appearance from the side, guided by strings or wires, the fabric folds or expands

HONEYCOMB- similar to the pleated blind, only it has a cellular structure which acts as an insulating barrier

CONSERVATORY- a versatile blind that can be made in lots of shapes to cover every conservatory window

TOP DOWN/BOTTOM UP -allows you to have more control, cover just the portion of window you desire

TENSIONED - our blinds can be tensioned so they maintain tightness & position

SKYLIGHTS/ROOFLIGHTS - a great solution; fit for any angle

ELECTRIC - motorise your blinds for ultimate luxury






Top Down/Bottom up

Where to Buy High Quality Pleated Blinds in London?

You can buy premier quality pleated blinds right here on the Bespoke Blinds Company website. We provide exemplary blinds fitted by technicians with years of experience in creating picturesque window fitting solutions.

We offer a wonderfully diverse range of pleated blinds, from the old fashioned, cord-pull designs through to the remote controlled modern pleated blind of choice. We service the greater London area, so you can be sure we can fit your pleated blinds effortlessly regardless of where in the City of London you live.

Don’t forget that we offer multiple choices in window stylings. We have a full range of other types of blinds, can provide window shutters, can build awnings and will even install new made to measure curtains for you, should you need us. Consider the Bespoke Blinds Company to be your first choice in window dressings throughout London.

What are Pleated Blinds?

Pleated blinds are a type of horizontal blind that operate in an equivalent way to a Venetian. A cord runs from top to bottom through these blinds. They pleat horizontally, meaning the cord pulls one pleat upwards at a time. When you want to black out the light completely, lower the blind to the base of the window. The bottom pleat is weighted to hold it in place.

Pleated blinds are incredibly popular because the pleats are so small that you have full control over the natural light in the room.

London Regions the Bespoke Blind Company Service

We provide excellent quality pleated blinds in all areas of London, including:

  • Islington, Lambeth, Lewisham, and Havering.

  • Greenwich, Newham, and Kingston upon Thames

  • Hillingdon, Hounslow, and Merton.

  • Sutton, Richmond upon Thames, and Waltham Forest.







Call Today to Buy Pleated Blinds for Your London Home or Office

If you can’t live without a desirable set of pleated blinds in your home or office, we are here to help. Call us today, on 0207 971 1497, to book a consultation. We can measure and install your new pleated blinds for you, then show you how it all works before we leave. Installation can be at a time that suits you and our friendly technicians won’t leave you with a mess. Just one more reason why The Bespoke Blinds Company is London’s premier pleated blinds service.

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