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If you already know what you desire, then this service is perfect for you. It saves your valuable time and gives you a rough estimate before going ahead.

Quick Measure

No need for perfection, just a rough measure as described below so we have something to work with.

Quick Quote

Email or WhatsApp over the measurements and photos and we'll get back to you with a rough estimate.

Quick Visit

If the rough estimate works for you our team will visit for a consultation to get everything just right.


Send for every room:

  1. Room number and name

  2. What you desire

  3. Window width (cm)

  4. Window height (cm)

  5. Photos (with room numbers)

*Be sure to include your name and postcode.
**Also if you have a budget in mind please let us know.
**Please remember these are for rough estimates; not the final price.


0207 971 1497
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